Tuesday, August 28, 2007

South Dallas rallies to stress gun control

DALLAS — "Carrying pictures of shooting victims and chanting, "We must stop the violence," about 60 people marched through the streets of South Dallas on Tuesday, calling for stricter gun control laws and a crackdown on illegal weapons sales.

Lamont Levels, 30, was among the marchers, wearing a patch after a shooting blinded him in one eye. He marched with his wife right past the location where he was shot six years ago.

“We have to be activists today,” he said. “To get attention so we can reach the kids and stop the violence.”

The Dallas rally was one of 22 nationwide organized jointly by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. Jesse Jackson, leader of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, came up with the idea after a spate of violence in Chicago this year.

“Texas is a pretty big gun state,” said Francis Cook, a Texas-based spokesman for Rainbow/PUSH. “I’m a hunter. I know a lot of hunters. Nobody hunts with an assault rifle.”

I really should let Texans fisk this one. Seriously. I'm biting my tongue but fair is fair. So I won't say that "assault rifles" are NOT used in criminal activity and by the way, how many members of law enforcement were marching or supporting the anti's and stuff like that...

PS: Man, here I thought the dudes eye injury happened months (nearly 8) ago and he's STILL wearing bandages?

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