Monday, August 27, 2007

Berto We Hardly Knew Ye

Alberto Gonzales Resigns

Everyone is featuring something about old Bert pulling the pin, and suffice to say that he was a good and decent man doing work several paygrades above his capabilities. George handsomely rewarded his old friends and I admire that in a man, but sweet moses on a pogo Gonzales was one hemming, hawing, stuttering detweiller who never should have been made Attorney General to begin with. If the President plays his cards right he doesn't even have to put someone else through a confirmation hearing but can appoint someone to the position on a temporary basis, then go looking for a full time Attorney General and drag the process out for pretty much as long as he wants over the next 16 months or thereabouts.

Tell you this much, I'd want no friend of mine going through what the democraps would throw at him, and if George is smart he won't subject yet another patriotic American to the vitriol from the mudslinging apes in Congress.

And by the way, George, it wouldn't hurt to find someone in the interim who is 2nd Amendment FRIENDLY. Gonzales screwed the pooch so often I honestly don't know WHAT his position was but it sure sounded snarky.

Yeah. I wasn't as down on the little guy as most, but I figure anyone the democrats hate must have SOME good in him.

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