Saturday, August 25, 2007

We Get Letters. From Anti's, Even

"I think even a most ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment would have to admit that civilians have no real need for high powered military Ak-47 assault rifles, and that ownership of them should be both licensed and severely restricted. Criminals are difficult enough to control without allowing them to possess the means to commit mass murders on a colossal scale..."

First off, the civilian AK variant is not even close to a "high-powered-rifle", but in reality is probably the most low-powered .30 caliber firearm in existence. B), There is not a nation in the world that uses the civilian AK to arm its military, and to think of, let alone utter such nonsense, is all the proof necessary to deem your entire presentation of "Facts" nothing but abject bullshit.

One does not license a "right". Simple enough? Well okay, here goes nothing; licensing is necessary to control a privilege. Rights are unalienable. You can look it up.

Thirdly, rifles account for such a minute percentage of illegal gun violence stats as to be rendered inconsequential. Criminals generally use handguns, whatever handgun they can acquire, do not register them, nor is is a crime for them to not do so. Should they suddenly and against all logic switch to long guns, the difficulties in curtailing this would be as hard as it is in getting them to stop using handguns. They are criminals. They do not abide by the law. More people are killed and injured by claw hammers than civilian AK rifles, but the liberal media hates the look of them and wants such icky tools off the shelf. Rifles, not claw hammers. Claw hammers are used by men who actually work for a living and liberals haven't quite figured out what to make of that.

Bad guys use guns badly. Nothing will ever prevent that from happening. Licensing and registration is for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to remove firearms from the hands of NON-criminals.

During hurricane Katrina, police used registration databases to steal weapons from law abiding citizens. THAT, and only that, is the game, set, and match reason for allowing the government to know any of our private business. So that when the time comes, they know where to go to illegally rid us of our property.

Guns allow the common man a means of defending himself.

The last thing a liberal wants is for someone to have such power because powerful people are dangerous and beholding to no one. It is impossible to run a dictatorship with a civilian populace so armed, so they want us unarmed and ripe for the plucking.

Not going to happen. Not without one helluva fight. A fight I might add, that they'd lose because we shoot straighter than they do, there are more of us than them, and men in the right will always fight harder than the jackboots sent to kill or detain them. Liberals are cowards and cowards could never win a down and dirty fight on anything resembling so large a scale, even though they have law enforcement on their side.

In closing, let me add that ALL registrations throughout history have ALWAYS led to confiscation. Everywhere, every time.

But not this time.

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