Thursday, August 30, 2007

Facing Reality...101

Time for New Orleans to Return or Replace Confiscated Firearms, Says SAF

Reality Check: It is NOT going to happen.

Yes. New Orleans is legally-bound to return or replace personal property stolen by the police.

No. New Orleans will NEVER return or replace any such thing. Democrats run the city, democrats run the state. Case closed. Fighting the good fight is admirable, but so is facing reality.

Virginia Tech Criticized for Actions in Shooting

Many citizens propose allowing students access to arms

Reality Check: It is NOT going to happen.

College campuses are run by liberal academics who fear guns more than death itself and will never, ever, permit the student body the means with which to defend itself. We SHOULD continue to visit this important issue and let our feelings be known, but nothing is going to change. To the contrary, the moment that korean misfit let off the first round, the 2nd Amendment was dead and buried on campus.

The only, and I do mean only way to change any of the above sins against man and nature, is to stop voting for liberals then persuade Conservative politicians to step in and return these purloined rights.

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