Monday, August 20, 2007

Aging Femi-Nazi's Nothing But Hot Air

"TO thunderous acclaim from the liberal intelligentsia, a team of feminist icons - including Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda - last year launched a women-run radio network. The mainstream media dutifully parroted press releases describing the launch as a "breakthrough" for women in the male-dominated world of talk radio.

The Boston Globe, for example, proclaimed that "GreenStone gives women an outlet." Business Week described the venture as "Talk Radio Minus The Testosterone."

Last Friday, GreenStone Media signed off for good.

GreenStone offered the typical liberal fare - boasting of interviews with Ralph Nader and Alec Baldwin - but also included programming that was downright girly. Morning show segments included "Mean Mommy," with advice for mothers, and "What's up with Guys," providing insights into the elusive male brain.

Similar business plans certainly have succeeded elsewhere. Plenty of media outlets target women - from sappy dramas on Lifetime and Oxygen to family-centered morning shows and magazines - and draw large audiences and big advertising dollars. GreenStone Media sought to imitate those successes. Its Web site explained, "Talk That Women REALLY Want . . . Only Green- stone Media gives you a lineup of personality talk that best appeals to the demo advertisers want most - women 25-54." It seemed a good sales pitch; certainly advertisers welcome the chance to reach this coveted female audience on the radio.

GreenStone's problem was it couldn't attract an audience of either gender. The programming was picked up by only eight affiliates in small to mid-sized markets. Apparently, GreenStone's programming wasn't the talk that women really want."

Okay, enough is enough. The story goes on to reveal that yes indeed, women can do quite well in radio, listing Laura Ingraham and Dr. Laura Schlessinger as examples, but doesn't get down to the nitty gritty.

ALL liberal attempts at garnering an audience fail unless the offering is fictional in nature.

Case closed. Not that the loons aren't represented in the media, sheesh far from it. 90% of the Jurassic Press, many internet sites, a great deal of TV programming be it dramatic series or comedy, and any movie George Clooney stars in, is as lefty as lefty gets.

But when it comes to whats happening now in the real world the liberals don't stand a chance because all they offer is fantasy.

Escapism is one thing. Full blown retreat after a disgraceful surrender is another.

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