Monday, August 27, 2007

Korean Killer The Weak, Silent, Type...

Blacksburg, Va. — "The Virginia Tech student who killed 32 people and himself on campus in April had been treated in high school for a mental disorder that left him unable to speak in public, but the university was never told about the condition, according to newspaper reports.

A Fairfax County school had developed a detailed special education plan that excused Seung-Hui Cho from class participation to ease his fears so he might begin to talk more openly, The Washington Post reported on Monday, citing an anonymous source.

The disorder, called selective mutism, could explain why Cho was a loner during his four years at Tech, remaining a mystery even to his roommates. Professors have said he would not answer when called on in class."

For the love of Pete everything is a "disorder" nowadays. Back when, some kid would clam up when it was his turn to speak in front of a class he was simply called shy...or if in Catholic School severely beaten until finding that recalcitrant voice...but today it's its very own disease with a fancy name.

They should label all of these make-believe disorders "selective big-buck's'ism" and be done with it and honest all at once.

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