Sunday, August 19, 2007

How It Used To Be Done...

"...It was quite a day for the Clemens family, too. Two of his sons, Kacy, 13, who shares the same birthday as Alex Rodriguez, July 27, and Kody, 11, were in the clubhouse and were ecstatic, not about Dad's win, but that A-Rod gave them autographed spikes commemorating his 500th home run.

This, combined with Clemens' tutoring of Chamberlain and Hughes, is really what the Family Plan is all about. When you consider Maybin got his first major league home run against Clemens in the fifth, and that Young Rocket was in the process of winning his second straight Cy Young in 1987, the year Maybin was born, you begin to understand the greatness of Clemens.

"That's awesome," the Rocket told his sons of Rodriguez's gift, then added in a most fatherly tone: "Now you can go back to school, but if you don't get good grades, we're sending them back."

Just another lesson to pass along to the kids."

Amen. The man makes over $20 million a year, and his children want for nothing. But, they have to excel in school or there ARE no bennies.

Compare that to a lot of these present-day spoiled brats then thank the lucky stars for men from Texas.

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