Sunday, August 19, 2007

Double Tap .308 Winchester

Back when the South Vietnamese Army was having serious difficulty carrying let alone shooting the M-14, we went down the wrong road in catering to the recoil sensitive, and for my money this was the sort of round that should have been used instead of the .223/5.56:

308 Winchester 125gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip.
308 Winchester 125gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip 20rds.

100yds - 1.3" high 2942fps / 2401ft/lbs
200yds - zeroed 2743fps / 2088ft/lbs
300yds - 6.9" low 2553fps / 1809ft/lbs
400yds - 17.1" low 2371fps / 1562ft/lbs
500yds - 34.6" low 2199fps / 1341ft/lbs

Caliber : .308 Winchester

Ballistics : 3150fps - 2754 ft./lbs. - 22.0" bbl. Remigton (sic) 700
FN-FAL - 3000fps

Simply downloading the M-14 or a variant would have produced such a round, and 125 grains @ 3000 fps or thereabout is what the braniacs are fiddling with now as a possible replacement for the poodle shooter.

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