Monday, August 20, 2007

August 28th...Guns & Ammo (Slash) Exercise Your Rights Day...

Well I've contacted the big wigs here in my little corner of the gunshine state and am awaiting a reply. The local newsrags did everything but laugh in my face, and probably would have were I not so damned ugly, so it's no-go as far as getting the word out via the Yellowstream Media. They are hooked, lined, and sinkered behind the Brady Bunchers and won't hear of publishing a dissenting point of view unless it's to poke fun at gunners.

Thats sort of why this newfangled internet media deal is working so well. As far as stimulating grass roots efforts in situations such as this.

Anyway, I didn't expect anything but nothing ventured nothing gained so I'm resorting to word of mouthing it around the local ranges, and but of course the Hogtown Irregulars will be doing something special, probably a shoot-out-barbecue in honor of next Tuesday. Here's the skinny; anything for an excuse to grab hold of some new ammo, etc, and then shooting the lot of it, but there's a damned good reason the gun grabbers were as successful as all hell.

Complacency, Fuddism, and fear. Fear of making enough of a fuss to be heard and identifying oneself as a gun owner. Outside of the Irregulars, and to be honest even one or two of them, lots of folks are settled in nicely with good jobs and nice families, and aren't up for a full scaled brouhaha. Oh in the anonymous sanctity of the voting booths they'll do the right thing, but not in public, never out in public.

The Fudds don't want to piss off ANYONE in government for fear that their adored hunting gear will be trifled with, and I am not disrespecting anyone, far from it. There have always been those who storm the walls and those who await news of the storming.

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