Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This Dog Will Be Back Before He's Missed All That Much

"The bill for Michael Vick's role in illegal dogfighting could reach a staggering $100 million in lost future salary, potential repayment of bonuses demanded by the Falcons for defaulting on his contract and endorsement money that is drying up.

That not does not include the cost to his reputation and image. No price tag can be put on that damage, which may be irreparable."

Nah. A slick publicity blitzkrieg returns him to our hearts and wallets, and before you can say Woof, Mr. Vick is back throwing from sideline to sideline while making believe he can play quarterback. A talented scatback with a strong arm. Thats all he is but thats enough in the starved-for-black-leaders NFL, an NFL that desperately needs a contrite black man in order to prove that rehabilitation can be done and not all pro players are felonies waiting to happen.

A year in the slammer minus time off for good behavior. Then back to making millions.

Raise your hand if YOU wouldn't trade a year for independent wealth and luxury the rest of your life.

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