Tuesday, August 21, 2007

August 28th UPDATE

Truth be told I've been busier than a 1-armed moslem hanger, what with the gator cull going on, but I've still been approaching pawn shops and gun dealers and asking them to hop aboard the August 28th Ammo-Buy/Exercise Your Rights/Piss Off The Brady's-Day.

One of these times I'm going to find a legitimate gun shop, that is interested in the country, the Constitution, and above all we the people.

Until then it's make-do with these elite snobs selling their overpriced junk just because its a college town with a sucker born every nanosecond. Not that there's necessarily anything amiss about a college town, mind you. Just as the loons get to impress these malleable young minds, so do we. Dozens have taken an interest in firearms under our watch, and while they can't carry on campus those of age can certainly participate in Free-Men 101 classes, and ANY youngster dissuaded from being a frightened liberal pawn is a good thing.

Lisa says that I need work on my bedside manner when approaching things called human beings, so maybe I'll give it a try with the next pawn shop I'm due to visit tomorrow.

Just so's you get where I'm coming from, here's one of the great deals offered to me by the biggest shop in town:

1st Generation Glock 21. Approximately 40K rounds of service. 1 magazine, no original box or paperwork.

$499. Before tax.

See why I'm having such a hard time?

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