Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bogus Group Calling Itself "2nd Amendment Democrats" Is Anti-Gun And Likes It That Way

"Do you actively oppose Democrats who support sensible gun measures if they run for public office?

We are Democrats, and as such we will support our party's nominees for local, state, and federal office. During the primaries, however, if any Democratic candidate supports gun control measures that Amendment II Democrats oppose (such as reauthorizing the national ban on semi-automatics), that primary candidate is fair game, and we will encourage voters to support Democratic candidates who are in greater harmony with our outlook on Second Amendment rights. But once the primaries are over and the candidates for the general election have been chosen, it is important that all Democrats pull together and support our party's candidates as best as we are able. Under no circumstances will Amendment II Democrats support Republican candidates who run against anti-RKBA Democrats. We are, after all, Democrats."

And are, after all, anti-gun zealots in disguise. Well, not a very good disguise but nice try fella's, back in the 50's you'd fool Ma and Pa Kettle almost every time.

But in checking the calendar I notice that a new information medium is in town and that means you can't get away with the same old lies, bullshit, innuendo and double-talk as before, so don't let the 2nd Amendment hit you in the ass on the way out.

Sensible gun control. Yeah. Right. Thanks to The War on Guns.

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