Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On Second Thought, File THIS ONE First...

Pennsylvania Man Charged With Abusing Corpse in Coffin

"A Pennsylvania man was charged with abuse of a corpse and burglary after a funeral parlor director discovered him tampering with a female body being prepared for burial, WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh reported Monday.

The man, Roderick Jones, allegedly broke into Draper Funeral Home in Monessen, Pa., on July 13 while the owner, Johnny Draper, was across the street speaking with friends. When Draper noticed a light on in the basement of the funeral home, he returned to find Roderick in the basement lying next to the casket, attempting to hide, WTAE reported.

Roderick reportedly had removed the dead woman's stockings, ripped open the plastc (sic) covering the body, and was holding one of the corpse's legs in the air."

He was lying next to the casket, hiding, yet holding one of the corpse's legs in the air? Did he chop off the leg? Do the "journalists" writing these stories ask themselves, at all, if what they are saying makes a lick of sense? Ya think?

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