Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bullet Grazes Frisco Homeowner During Shooting

"A bullet grazed a Frisco man during a shootout in his condo on Thursday.

Frisco police said Steve Geddie was lucky to have escaped alive (can one escape dead? Fits) after the shooting, which happened at his home on Hickory Creek on Thursday evening.

Geddie said he was in the bathroom when he heard an intruder breaking into his condo through the back door.

"So I'm sitting on the toilet (and) I hear this banging," he said.

Geddie said he crept through his bathroom, into his bedroom."(I) reached underneath my mattress, pulled up the shotgun (and) loaded up the chamber -- size one buckshot," he said.

Geddie then walked toward his living room, where he confronted the intruder, he said.

He said the man's gun was "literally right in my chest.""My first instinct is to move to the side," Geddie said. "He grazed my shoulder on the first shot."The man got two shots off, he said.

Geddie said he dropped the shotgun and then dove to the ground to pick it back up. Geddie said he pulled the shotgun up as the intruder headed out the door. He took a shot at the man, but missed just to the left of him, he said.

"I grabbed the shotgun up, pulled it up as he was heading out the door, and just missed to the left of him,""Otherwise, he would have had size-1 buckshot all through his thighs and butt," Geddie said.

Geddie's shotgun blasted 16 pellets and an 8-inch hole through his wall.

His wife, Kathryn, worked out late on Thursday. If she hadn't, she would have confronted the suspect alone, she said."Had it been me home, it could have been a completely different story that you're covering today," she said.

Steve Geddie, an Alaskan-born gun enthusiast, said homeowners should be prepared for incidents like he faced.

"I believe that every homeowner should be able to be prepared for self-preservation in the event that something like this happens," he said.

Geddie said his brain was the most powerful weapon he used during the incident. He was able to think his way through everything, he said."

Pictured: Frisco homeowner Steve Geddie demonstrates how he dove to ground to pick up his shotgun while confronting an intruder on Thursday evening.

Monday morning quarterbacking always sucks, especially when a good guy chases off a bad guy, but since Mr. Geddie took it upon himself to lecture us as if his response was a textbook one, and that is thinking was exemplary, the very least a person might say is that missing with buck at 10' is actually quite hard to do. Pistol-gripped shotguns aren't the easiest of weapons to employ, particularly when stoked with anything other than birdshot, the barrel appears to be shorter than is allowed by law, and when the press is coming over for a photo shoot it might be a good idea to don trousers that fit so that your underwear doesn't ride on out.

He's fortunate that the intruder didn't return fire, as being equipped tacti-cool with something you can't hit the broadside of a barn with is asking for an awakening on the brown side of the grass.

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