Saturday, March 29, 2008

Documented Floridian Growth Slows To 30 Year Low

"A new study has reaffirmed a growing demographic trend in Florida: The state is seeing its population growth slow to its lowest level in three decades.

So says a University of Florida professor who reviewed building permits and residential electric customer data to draw projections on the state's population growth.

''The state has not experienced a decline of this magnitude since the mid-1970s, when we were in a national recession,'' said Stan Smith, an economist and director of UF's Bureau of Economic and Business Research.

The Census Bureau has made similar findings in its tracking of population growth in Florida. In a report released earlier this month, Census officials reported a net gain in the state's population of just 35,301 between 2006 and 2007. The figure was much lower than the 170,099 gain tabulated from 2005 to 2006.

The lower rate of growth is caused largely by people leaving South Florida, where the cost of living is driving them away from the region."

What a maroon.

South Florida is losing DOCUMENTED citizens in favor of illegal aliens, and the fact that the Miami area is a haven for hispanic thugs hasn't made it very attractive of late either.

This is what happens when politically correct eggheads try making sense of reality. The county in which we live has a 2.4% unemployment rate but there are more homeless than ever. Why? Because entitlement programs make it easy to live under a bridge and still get 3 squares a day plus pocket money, so why the hell put forth the effort when you've come from an upbringing that lists bagging groceries as quite high on the employment scale, second only to flipping burgers.

The tourist industry coupled with major universities means there's always work for those who can, but its back again to the unsavory element taking some of the glitter off of living in the land of sunshine.

The cost of living didn't bother folks when the environs were safe, sane, and secure. All one hears from visiting, as well as long term Floridians, is that south Florida is the pits compared to what it once was, and that isn't changing anytime soon, as most warm-weather climes have experienced similar invasions and are in the same predicament.

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