Friday, March 28, 2008

Veteran cop ditches guns in sewer, faces discipline

LORAIN -- "A veteran Lorain police officer is facing departmental discipline for dumping guns in a city sewer and might be criminally investigated, according to Lorain police Chief Cel Rivera.

Patrolman Emilio Morales was investigated when the detective bureau received information that Morales, while on duty, was given two handguns to dispose of by a citizen. However, the guns never made it to the evidence room and no report was filed, Rivera said.

''It was later determined (Morales) had dumped the weapons in a sewer,'' Rivera said. ''The investigation was in conjunction with three other complaints filed against the officer,'' the chief said.

Rivera would not discuss why Morales dumped the guns down the sewer or how the department found out where the guns were.

The other complaints accuse Morales of getting involved in civil disputes as a law enforcement officer, while off duty. His involvement in those cases was not documented and he did not call them in to the police department, Rivera said. He would not disclose specifics of the allegations.

Thus far, there is no indication the hand guns were used in criminal activity, however Rivera is waiting for results of ballistic tests and to see if ownership can be established."

Well no shit, Sherlock. They haven't been tested but so far everything is A-Okay, right?

Sweet Lord, what a bunch of Neanderthal charlatans we've got playing cops & robbers nowadays. The guy asks him to toss some guns but the department has no reason to believe they were involved in anything criminal.

Uh huh.

"Rivera can suspend Morales for up to three days, but anything exceeding that will have to be forwarded to Safety Director Phil Dore for consideration."

Whew. 3 whole days. Ah, ya think that if you or I were caught doing the same thing they'd be as lenient?

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