Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So Why Are AK-Knockoffs So Feared By Law Enforcement....

"...Miami Police Chief John Timoney agreed to let patrol officers carry assault rifles to help counter the use of such weapons by criminals. John Rivera, president of the Dade County Police Benevolent Association, pleaded for the same for officers in the Miami-Dade department, which protects more than 1.4 million people around the city.

"It's almost like we have water pistols," he said.

Bullets fired by AK-47s travel at a higher velocity than those from many other weapons, and can do grievous damage to the body. Often they have enough energy to pass clear through.

Knockoffs of the AK can be bought from legitimate gun dealers for as little as $300, and are also available on the street. Original Russian-made models are more expensive. Normal ammo clips (sic) hold 30 rounds, but higher-capacity ones are also available.

Most of the AKs on American streets are semiautomatic, meaning they fire as fast as the gunman can squeeze the trigger. Fully automatic ones, common on the battlefield, require just one pull of the trigger to release a burst of fire."

Wow. So "bullets fired from AK-47's travel at a higher velocity than those from many other weapons". Let's see some comparisons then between an AK-type round, an AR-15, and several common hunting rifles, shall we?

First the AK/AR ammunition:

AK-Type Ammunition: 7.62X39mm Russian: 123 grain bullet @ 23oo feet per second. Muzzle Energy: 1515 foot-pounds.

AR-15 Ammunition: .223 Remington; 55 grain bullet @ 3240 feet per second. Muzzle Energy: 1282 foot-pounds.

Now the hunting rifles:

30-06 Springfield, Hunting Rifle: 180 grain bullet @ 2750 fps. Muzzle Energy: 3022 foot-pounds.

.270 Winchester Hunting Rifle: 130 grain bullet @ 3050 feet per second. Muzzle Energy: 2685 foot-pounds.

.338 Winchester Magnum Hunting Rifle: 200 grain bullet @ 2950 feet per second. Muzzle Energy: 3864 foot-pounds.

.458 Winchester Hunting Rifle: 510 grain bullet @ 2040 feet per second. Muzzle Energy: 4712 foot-pounds.

Typical Shotgun Slug: 12 gauge, 1 ounce lead @ 1760 feet per second. Muzzle Energy: 3010 foot-pounds.


The AR-15 round has been referred to as a "poodle-shooter" because of its relatively low muzzle energy, rarely used for hunting anything larger than a coyote and is banned in many states for use on deer.

The AK-47 round is higher in muzzle energy, but still rather weak for hunting, although it is effective against deer-sized animals.

The "Hunting Rifles", and 12 gauge slug included in the comparison are effective on deer-sized animals up to large, dangerous game, and far more powerful than either the AK or AR weapons. All in all. there are more powerful, and less powerful arms available, but neither the AK or AR are in any way unique.

So then, why the drama and all the fuss?

Simple. Law enforcement along with Brady-Type Anti-Gun groups are united in using the willing liberal media to aid in disarming American gun owners by frightening the uneducated public.

Say the lie often enough then it becomes a common truth, and look for more such articles in the weeks and months ahead as liberal gun-grabbers team up with law enforcement to counter whatever the Supreme Court is soon to rule on with regards to the D.C. handgun ban.The court will be called a Conservative, NRA-cowed institution that is uncaring of the fact that so many horrible weapons of destruction are available to the common man.

Be prepared to help in defending the Constitution because the battle has just begun.

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