Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Final Word On Heller

My cousin Sal (Sal Minella; I used to talk about him every now and again but we sort of lost touch for a time) offers that his take on Heller and the whole 2nd Amendment schtick is that the Supremes will say that anyone ever serving the country via a militia or any sort of military service will be granted the full monte with regards to owning firearms.

I asked if they'd subject ALL of the Amendments to the same prerequisite and he froze up and got this look of horror on his face. Bigtime.

Free speech? Militia.

Unlawful search and seizure? Militia.

Yadda blah.

At one time Sal was one of THE best ambulance chasers in all of the 5 boroughs until he got on Spitzer's shit list for subpoenaing dead guys then asking for postponements when they'd never show up to testify. He never actually lost his license to practice but after one particularly nasty run in with the DA's office he moved on to tax law, promising never to darken a criminal case again. After a while the IRS made him swear never to even do his own taxes if he knew what was good for him so it was on to divorce law but his wife left him and that sort of took the fun out of things.

Anyway, so now he owns some parking lots and sets up legal-advice tables at flea markets and garage sales so I figured who better to talk to about Heller. I called to wish him a happy Easter and one BS led to another until he asked about my guns and I tossed in a 2nd Amendment question. Trouble is, he's worked around shady lawyers and crooked DA's all his adult life and really believes that whomever gets to enough Justices with the right package will be the one who wins.

Hey, he might be right for all I know. Seriously now, would anything a lawyer does shock you? Lisa says to remember that should I get a bill in the mail from him for legal-services-rendered.

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