Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Gunfight That WILL Soon Be Settled

By Don Campbell

"It's only 27 words: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

(Illustration by Sam Ward, USA TODAY)

You will recognize that as the Second Amendment to the Constitution. If a student of mine wrote a sentence like that, I'd scrawl in the margin "WDTM," and he or she would recognize that as, "What does this mean?"

And were you my professor I'd scrawl upon your forehead "This Space For Rent".

We could stop there and call it even but since you are in the position to poison young minds I'll go on to say that once upon a time such abject bullshit could pass muster but not any more, kiddo.

Simple declarative sentences are anything BUT when assailed by a liberal gun-grabber's penchant for dishonesty, so here's the scoop, Don.

During the time this was written, it was necessary for all hale men of good will to own firearms...and here's where you'll jump like a cat on a hot tin roof...JUST AS IT IS TODAY, in order to protect and defend not only kith and kin but the country as well. Having broken ties with a dictatorial government, the Founders wanted to be absolutely certain that Americans would ever be capable of answering a call to arms, but since such full frontal manliness is far too frightening for you to understand let alone participate in, I hereby give you a pass for misunderstanding such a simple premise.

Protection, just like free speech, is, you see, Don, an INALIENABLE RIGHT to begin with, and the Founders just wanted to be sure that if some day, some brain dead misanthrope or two (think Hillary and Obama), came along and wished to do the old Brit-Two-Step all over us again that there'd be a list of existing
RIGHTS that couldn't be frigged with. Sort of like a primer for the stuck on stupid.

Neither the Founders nor the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights GAVE us ANYTHING, Don. Our Creator did so.

Time was when instructors needed a lot more than simple book learning to discuss so important a topic, but since that is no longer the case it is now up to you to better educate yourself so that you may become a genuine teacher, and not just someone who tells the kids which page to open to.

Isn't gonna happen 'cause it's STILL too scary, right?

Thought so.

Now tell me if you believe that blacks weren't REALLY equal, or REALLY human, until the government waved a magical DNA wand and made it so.

See what I'm talking about, Don?


Didn't make 'em.

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