Monday, March 31, 2008

Woman Brought Infant To Armed Robbery

A woman brought her 4-month-old baby along while she and her boyfriend committed an armed robbery, deputies said.Investigators said that they initially thought that 20-year-old Sarah Titi Walker was the victim of a kidnapping that happened last week in connection with the robbery of the Abbarrotes La Flor D grocery store on White Horse Road.

They said Walker went into the store with the baby, and moments later, a man came in and pulled a gun on the clerk. He demanded money from the clerk, and after he got the cash, he pretended to kidnap Walker and the baby.

Master Deputy Ashleigh Bethell said, "Obviously it's kind of alarming. It's not something we see on a daily basis -- for someone to have their 4-month-old -- we were definitely concerned because of the age and the fact there was a weapon involved in this crime. Of course there's always the possibility this child could have been injured as a result of the crime."

Master Bate...check that Master DEPUTY Ashleigh is worried that someone actually brought a firearm to a crime scene. Might even start a trend, who knows.

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