Friday, March 21, 2008

Typical Black Speaks About Typical Whites...

Barack Obama tries to explain that 'good people' still hold racial stereotypes

He said what?

"Barack Obama suggested Thursday the "typical white person" - much like his grandma - fears black men on the street, prompting a quick backpedal from his aides, who conceded the senator's words may give the wrong impression."

Sorry, but WORDS MATTER.

Right, Barry?

All the man has been saying of late is how whites fear blacks, and how he should know because his grandmother is white and she does.

But that's okay because being a stereotypical racist is cool when one is bi-racial. I'm going to try and buck that trend by referring from here on in to "typical blacks". Hey, if its good enough for the man who would be King...

Pictured: Senator Barack Obama wearing a typical black man's garb.

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