Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hiker never gave up fight, Hilton said

The Atlanta Journal Constipational Sullies The Memory Of A Good Woman

...Aided and abetted by law enforcement but of course...

"Gary Michael Hilton acknowledged that the petite woman nearly overpowered him when he first accosted her. As they struggled near the Appalachian Trail, Meredith Emerson disarmed her attacker of a knife and baton.

Hilton eventually subdued Emerson, kidnapped her and later killed her. She did not make it easy for him, according to interviews Hilton gave to investigators that were obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Speaking to Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Clay Bridges only days after killing the young woman, Hilton said: "I think it was you probably, or one of the GBIs, said 'That little 120-pound-girl about probably came close to whipping your ass.' She about did."

Her life in danger, Emerson fought back using her strength, her wits and a large measure of courage and determination. In the four days after she disappeared on a Blood Mountain hiking trail in Union County, investigators said, Emerson never gave up.

Bridges said he talked with the South Florida-born vagrant as authorities drove him from the Union County Jail to the Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area, where Hilton killed Emerson. Hilton made a deal with prosecutors that he would lead investigators to her remains, if they would not seek the death penalty.

As they descended the winding North Georgia mountain roads, the Army veteran casually detailed the abduction and slaying of the 24-year-old University of Georgia graduate.

Bridges said Hilton clearly relished the attention, and authorities described his account as "self-serving."

Still, Emerson's tenacity and smarts are evident throughout, and, despite Hilton's best attempts, her actions overwhelm the one-sided narrative.

"She was doing everything she could to stay alive," GBI Director Vernon Keenan said."

No you incredible simpleton, you enabler of all those who know damn well that enough women are tricked into becoming defenseless just so that YOU can be the big dick on the block.

She should have been armed. She should have used her brains, the technology that modern humankind has created to PREVENT such horrors from occurring.

But the big-dicks-on-the-block don't like it when others want a piece of the action. The BDOTB know that if enough people learn to defend themselves then their numbers must dwindle and hell, can't have that.

I despise you, you inveterate scumdog. Instead of telling the truth and advising women to keep and bear arms for their protection you stand atop the dead body of a sad victim to preach your bullshit.

For the love of all that is holy, people; don't let them disarm YOU with the promise that they'll be there to save you.

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