Saturday, March 22, 2008

Woman Charged With 'Line Rage' Beating at Disney World

"A woman’s trip to the Magic Kingdom was hardly a walk in the park after she says she was beaten up by a woman in a ‘line rage’ incident.

Aimee Krause says Victoria Walker accused her of cutting into the line at the Mad Tea Cup ride last year at Disney World, MyFOXOrlando reports.

Walker, an Alabama native, could face 15 years behind bars if convicted of battery with a deadly weapon.

Krause has now filed additional charges claiming her children were also attacked.

“She came from behind just screaming,” Krause told MyFOXOrlando. “Next thing I knew she kicked me in my left leg, threw me to the ground and at that point I was pinned between the teacup and the saucer and she continued to beat up on my body.”

In the incident report, Krause claimed Walker tried to choke her with a lanyard she wore to hold water bottles around her neck, MyFOXOrlando reports.

During a deposition Monday, Walker declined to accept a plea deal that would have given her a one-year jail sentence.

Jury selection for the ‘Tea Cup Madness’ trial will begin in April."

Do not, EVER let such as this creature believe that you've slighted them in any manner. Going to Disney means being as aware as spending a night camped out in a bad section of Calcutta. You can mistakenly sidestep, frontstep, backstep in the way of someone who doesn't even seem to BE in a line and if that someone is the sort that rages into hysterical fits on a moments notice I don't care who you are, you're going to get a beat down, profuse apologies or not. Particularly on those special-event days when busloads of the never civilized arrive from every hole-in-the-wall the country over.

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