Friday, March 28, 2008


"The off-duty San Diego police officer who shot an unarmed woman and her 8-year-old son during an apparent road-rage incident in a North County parking lot remained a free man Thursday, as authorities revealed more details of the incident.

Four of the five bullets fired by Officer Franklin White outside a Lowe's store in Oceanside two weekends ago went through the windshield of 27-year-old Rachel Silva's four-door Honda, Oceanside police said during a news conference.

The other round pierced the front passenger window.

Silva was shot twice in her right arm and her child was shot in his left leg. They each spent about five days in hospitals but are expected to recover.

In addition, the driver's side window of White's black Mercury sedan was broken out somehow during the fracas.

Oceanside police released the new ballistics details about the officer-involved shooting during a briefing Thursday afternoon. The agency has slowly disclosed its investigative findings about the March 15 incident, which so far has not resulted in any arrests or criminal charges.

White, 28, who has been a San Diego police officer since October 2005, has made no public statements about the case.

He is on administrative leave pending the outcome of investigations into his actions.On Wednesday, an attorney representing Silva filed a claim -- a precursor to a lawsuit -- against the city of San Diego, seeking unspecified damages.

While claiming memory lapses, Silva has denied doing anything that would justify the officer shooting her and her son.

According to investigators, Silva and White, both Oceanside residents, got into a traffic dispute about 9 that night, and one followed the other into a nearby parking lot in the 100 block of Old Grove Road.A short time later, White shot at Silva's car while she and her son were inside.Precisely why he did so remains unclear, though he has been interviewed by Oceanside police with an attorney present.

His wife, a Carlsbad police dispatcher, was present at the shooting.

Silva has said she remembers getting into a loud argument with the officer while both were in their respective vehicles, but can't recall what precipitated the row.

Silva, who is divorced from a Marine who was in Iraq at the time of the shooting, was driving on a suspended license and facing a drunken-driving charge stemming from an arrest in January, authorities said.The mother of two contends she was backing away from White when he fired. So far, Silva has refused to be interviewed by Oceanside police, saying she doesn't trust the department to conduct a fair probe.

She has suggested that White -- who, unlike her, was not subjected to sobriety tests following the shooting -- is getting preferential treatment from fellow law enforcement officers conducting the investigation."


For real?

She actually thinks that just because he's a cop they'll let him get away with shooting her and her youngster just because they haven't done squat to him yet?

Hmmm, I dunno, ma'am. You look like one tough hombrete and maybe he felt like he had no other choice. Law enforcement officers can read minds and TELL when someone is preparing to rip them a new one, you see...they say so without even being asked dontcha know...and who'd want to tangle with the likes of you?

And not for nothin', but have you ever SEEN the bite marks an 8-year-old can inflict? Now just imagine them getting all infected.

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