Saturday, March 29, 2008

Professional Victim Victimized

Illinois State Rep. Younge Robbed at Gunpoint in Home

"A 77-year-old Illinois state representative is happy to be alive after a man with a gun pushed his way into her home and robbed her of $7.

Wyvetter H. Younge was not injured in the robbery that occurred around noon Friday.

Younge said she thought her son had knocked on her door and opened it, but instead found an armed man. He told her to get on her hands and knees, then grabbed her purse and ran.

Younge, a Democrat, said she didn't recognize the man, who wore a red hat and red jacket and dark pants. She said she's going to pray for him.

"This robbery and what's happening to this community is the result of a lack of a supportive system for our youth. We need jobs," she said. "This happened in broad daylight at noon. We need a mental health support system. This is further evidence of that."

Illinois State Police are investigating."

Um, ma'am?

You should pray for his next VICTIM. Who like yourself might not have clue-one as to how to prevent such tragedies from occurring.

Then again, this poor lad is just another VICTIM himself, now isn't he? And notice how no physical description was given of the thief aside from his clothing. Tall, short, black, white?

Oh but that would be stigmatizing the poor lad now wouldn't it, were we to learn...shock of all shocks...that yet another black kid took to a life of crime rather than look for a real job.

Don't blame the people cranking out these monstrosities at a record pace, just plead for society to toss more money at fixing what can't be fixed. Because they'll vote you back in every time, now won't they? The ones you protect at the expense of their innocent prey.

Lord, but you people make me ill.

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