Sunday, March 23, 2008

Concealed Carry: Always When Away From Home, Or Just Sometimes....

"I am in police academy right now. I cant believe how many of my instructors are flat out BIZZLES when it comes to CCW. They make it sound as though if you have a CCW permit, you are going to draw down on them on every traffic stop.

NEWS FLASH!!! Criminals that would shoot you on a traffic stop are much less likely to go through the process of getting a CCW, dont you think, Officer?

Its pathetic, really. A lot of police officers (my instructors anyway) have this idea that only those with a badge are "qualified" to carry a firearm. Its disgusting."

To me what is interesting about this excerpt from a GLOCK TALK post is that a friend of mine said precisely the same thing not a week ago. He was stopped during a routing pull-em-all-over and see who reeks of booze, was polite enough to inform the officer that he was in FL we don't have to say diddly...and was basically read the riot act about concealed carry being a fad that most officers will be glad to see in the rear view mirror once the novelty wears off.

Len carries each day, doesn't leave home without it, and I myself can't recall the last time I walked out the door unarmed. I honestly believe that I'd forget my keys or wallet before a firearm and it might be pure happenstance but everyone I am familiar with feels the same way.

As far as the officer-attitude here in FL, I've been fortunate not to have run into a dyed in the wool ONLY ONE, but then again I haven't been detained and queried for a motor vehicle violation since '73 so who knows how they react when approaching a dangerous speeder or even worse, an evil operator with a broken tail light.

Anyhoot, if YOU carry, do you do so all the time? Do the local yokels 'approve'?

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