Friday, March 21, 2008

Spotlight On New Jersey: Cue Spooky Music, Thunder And Lightning...

Routine property investigation leads to discovery of weapons

CLIFFSIDE PARK — "A routine property inspection lead to the discovery of several weapons, vials of chemicals and two de-activated (sic) hand grenades at a Knox Avenue apartment Monday, police said.

Building, fire and housing code officials were conducting a re-inspection of an 18-unit building at 242 Knox Ave. on Monday when they noticed chemicals in vials and what appeared to be a hand grenade in a hall closet in one apartment, according to Police Capt. Anthony Frato.

The inspectors called in a hazmat team while police obtained a search warrant. They removed more than 62 items from the apartment, including an assault rifle, seven large-capacity gun magazines, and 40 rounds of armor-piercing ammunition, as well as the chemicals, Frato said.

He added that after the removal of the items, the apartment posed no danger to neighboring residents.

Police arrested Raymond DiMartini, 74, and charged him with one count each of possession of an assault weapon and armor-piercing ammunition, and seven counts of possession of a large-capacity magazine.

He may face additional charges from the Fire Department for the possession of chemicals, Frato said.

DiMartini was released on his own recognizance due to his age and failing health, Frato said.

DiMartini was described by police as a chemistry professor at the City University of New York. A message left at his Cliffside Park residence was not returned."

And thank the heavens they caught this felon before he loaded up those high capacity magazines then went out and killed thousands of innocent people.

It is very comforting to know that there are judges and policemen still around who pay little or no attention to their avowed oaths and are ready willing and able to seize property and even people who think that that old Constitution actually means something these days.

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