Monday, March 24, 2008

The Super-Dems Dilemma

Robert Novak

"The consensus among knowledgeable Democrats is that Obama will win over enough superdelegates to clinch the nomination before the national convention in August, partly because of fear for the consequences if they don't. But one longtime associate said this of the Clintons in private conversation last week: "They will do anything - anything - to get nominated." That reminder deepens the Democratic dilemma."

What Novak conveniently forgets in his He-Can, She-Can't, She-Can, He-Can't, piece designed to prove him correct no matter how the political wind blows, is Operation Chaos.

Rush Limbaugh's clarion call for Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton wherever and whenever they can.

In so tight a race, even a 2% margin of victory could very well be enough to convince the democrat Super-Socialists to decide that Hillary stands the better chance to knock off McNasty, and even though Novak feels that Obama vindicated himself with flying colors by his throw-Granny-under-the-bus french kiss to wavering sycophants, the memory of those blistering sermons from Wright aren't going away anytime soon.

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