Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Now THIS Outta Get Even MORE Liberal Schools Inviting Achmadineajad Over For A Speech...

Iranian Textbooks Teach Islamic Supremacy, Inequality for Women and Non-Muslims, Study Finds

"Numerous laws passed by the Islamic Republic of Iran reflect the lack of equality between Muslims and non-Muslims, dictating that those who don't embrace Islam should be barred from top government and military jobs, admission to universities and so on, according to the Sun. Such principles are reinforced in the textbooks for schoolchildren which Paivandi examined.

"By taking note of the guidance and instructions provided by Islam, every Muslim youth must strike fear in the hearts of the enemies of God and their people through combat-readiness and skillful target shooting," one seventh-grade textbook says.

The books also dictate that women should not join the workforce, but instead must stay at home to raise children."

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