Friday, March 28, 2008

"So Then...What Does The Military Have That WE Don't..."

Wait, I Got it!...SPY DRONES!

MIAMI: "The Miami police could soon use cutting-edge flying drones to help fight crime.

A small pilotless vehicle manufactured by Honeywell International, capable of hovering and "staring" using electro-optic or infrared sensors, is expected to be introduced soon in the skies over the Florida Everglades.

If use of the drone wins U.S. Federal Aviation Administration approval after tests, the Miami-Dade Police Department will start flying the 14 pound, or 6.35 kilogram, drone over urban areas with an eye toward full-fledged employment in crime fighting.

"Our intentions are to use it only in tactical situations as an extra set of eyes," said Detective Juan Villalba, a police department spokesman.

"We intend to use this to benefit us in carrying out our mission," he added, saying the wingless Honeywell aircraft, which fits into a backpack and is capable of vertical takeoff and landing, seems ideally suited for use by SWAT teams in hostage situations or dealing with "barricaded subjects."

First they cried that having GLOCKS was as bad as using water-guns against criminals armed with semi-auto AK-clones, and now they want to spend untold thousands playing soldier-boy with super-expensive pilotless drones.

Since moving to Florida and starting to pay attention to local goings on, it has come to my attention that Miami is home to some of the most corrupt members of law enforcement this side of the Rio Grande. Lets face it, wherever there are millions of beaners and thousands of kilos of drugs, there is going to be full-scale corruption and so sorry that sounds harsh but welcome to mother earth.

I absolutely positively guarantee that within a month they'll have naked snapshots of every hot woman in the greater Miami area, and will have crashed dozens of drones while playing with them.

Then again, since they don't seem to be able to put a dent in the drug trade or street crime or rampaging gangs, maybe giving them some toys to occupy their time would be a good thing. They could have drone races instead of running cock and dog fights for neighborhood kingpins, and the fascination of having a very own airyplane might also cut into the time they spend selling drugs and running prostitutes.

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