Thursday, March 27, 2008

Florida "Gun In Car Bill" Passes House 72-42

TALLAHASSEE - "Without debate, the Florida House gave the powerful gun lobby a major victory today by passing a bill to allow employees to take their guns to work - as long as the employee has a concealed weapons permit and the weapon is left in the car.

The bill (HB503) passed on a nearly party-line vote, 72-42, with Republicans largely supporting the guns-at-work legislation despite a last-minute lobbying push by business interests to kill the measure, which they called an attack on business owners' ability to regulate the workplace.

The controversial legislation for years has cleaved the Legislature's Republican leaders between two core principles: the right to bear arms and private property rights.

In a sign Republican leaders are looking to move past this divisive fight in an election year, there was no debate on the matter on the floor today. A handful of Republicans voted against the bill, with Democrats nearly unified in opposition."

The anti's are referring to it as the Bring Your Gun To Work Bill, or Guns At Work Bill, but neither is correct, and that alone should tell you all you need to know about any claim to unbiased reporting.

HB 503: "Guns Locked In Car", is the REAL name.

Now on to the Senate where it is considered a sure thing. If Crist doesn't sign it then its on to a recall, and I'm far from kidding as he's already been making noises like there is actually a debate to be had on this topic and if he truly believes so and isn't just trying to placate Disney and Wal-Mart then it is time for a new Governor.

PS: Interesting how the democrats can side with evil big business when it suits their purpose.

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