Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ann Coulter On The Tax Deductability Of Hope & Change

"Are you sitting down? Obama plans to pay for his $3.6 trillion-dollar spending bill by raising taxes on "the rich." I know, I know ... I was pretty shocked, too.

The bad news is, by hiking taxes in a recession, Obama will turn a disaster into a catastrophe. But there's good news, too. The "rich" include most of Obama's biggest supporters!

While liberals love being praised for their looks, their style, their brilliance and their courage, the one quality they don't want talked about is their money. To the contrary, Democrats are constantly boasting about how poor they are -- as if that's a virtue in a capitalist society with no class barriers.

No matter how much money they have, liberals will be damned if they're giving up the poor's mantle of angry self-righteousness. This is especially true if their wealth came by inheritance, marriage or the taxpayer, the preferred sources of income for Liberalus Americanus.

Democrats' claims of poverty merely serve to show how out of touch elected Democrats are with actual incomes in America.

At the Democratic National Convention, for example, there were heartfelt tributes to the daunting self-sacrifice of both Barack and Michelle Obama for passing up lucrative jobs to work in "public service" -- which apparently is now defined, such as in Michelle Obama's case, as "working as a 'diversity coordinator' at a big city hospital for $300,000 a year."

Seriously, even with a company car, full medical benefits and six weeks' paid vacation thrown in, how do people live on that?

Meanwhile, the average salary for a lawyer with 20 years or more experience in the U.S. is a little more than $100,000. If Michelle Obama doesn't lay off all this "giving back" stuff pretty soon, she's going to find herself in Warren Buffett's tax bracket."

Between ambulance chasers dogging their heels at every turn, and liberals demanding that "diversity specialists" be hired and recompensed at ridiculous pay scales, of course the medical profession is passing along the cost to us.

Perhaps Obo should look to his own house for ways to lower health care costs, no?

But c'mon now, universal healthcare is just another way to keep the peons beholding and peon'ic. Tort reform and purging the system of politically correct jobs having nothing to do with modern medicine would allow hungry doctors and nurses to run relatively cutrate operations (no pun intended), and force the competition to follow suit or begin losing business.

Because, after all, health care is above everything else a business. Competition ALWAYS favors the consumer and eliminating it like Obo-Care would do is the absolute WORST way to make seeing a sawbones something one not need sell their firstborn in order to afford.

And ya know what?

Ugly Shelly's* salary and liberal Scroogeitude when it comes to charity were quite well known BEFORE the election. Lots of folks seemed not to care.

*Don't even think of using this to write your own sitcom about a homely gal making it big by being matched to an up and coming neighborhood crook who lures homeless drunks to polling sites with six-packs of beer and cartons of smokes. FOX says that as long as I make the characters Swedish they'll not only greenlight Ugly Shelly but begin pre-production on a spinoff featuring the male character's brother who needs a teleprompter even to make love with his wife.

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