Thursday, March 26, 2009

Giggles Says His Administration Will Send Lotsa Mo Feds To The Border

"President Obama’s administration announced Tuesday that it planned to send hundreds more federal agents to the Southwest to battle the increasing levels of guns, money and drugs trafficked across the border.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) joined Lieberman in suggesting that perhaps more resources were needed to fight the growing levels of violence and drug trafficking. He also expressed his concern that other areas of law enforcement would suffer as they lost personnel to the Southwest’s increased manpower."

Okay, enough.

Here's what the government should do, and pronto.

Ask the Mexicans for the serial numbers on alla them full-auto assault rifles being smuggled in from the US. Along with the lot numbers on those boxes of grenades and rocket launchers.

Beg pardon?

You say we've already asked them, several times, and they've replied that there will be NO such list of numbers forthcoming?

Gee willickers. I know that American and Chinese and Russian and South American gun manufacturers sell lotsa full rock and roll armaments to the Mexican police and military, and you don't think that the beaners are afraid we'll trace the serial numbers and exonerate OUR gun shops while placing the onus on the head honchos themselves, do you?

Screw it. We're calling you out, fella's and gals.

Check the serial numbers...Or...

Stop bitching and lying and dealing with us as if we're retards or something. Like President snigger himself says, this ain't the special olympics you're fucking with.

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