Monday, March 23, 2009

Family Of Teen Suicide Say They Want A Law

"Jessica Logan's nude cell-phone photo - meant for her boyfriend's eyes only - was sent to hundreds of teenagers last year in at least seven Greater Cincinnati high schools.

The 18-year-old Sycamore High School senior was then bombarded with taunts: slut, porn queen, whore.

On July 3, Jessie hanged herself in her bedroom.

She was Albert and Cynthia Logan's only child."

My only baby that I will never be able to touch again," Cynthia Logan said through tears. "I will never have grandchildren. I will never be able to hand down my heirlooms. I'm just devastated by these parents that allow their children to do and say anything they want."

Well now we're down to the nitty gritty, aren't we, Mrs. Logan? It's all about you. What you are going through, isn't it?

I honestly don't care if I burn in hell for this so sorry, ma'am, if you'd have raised her well she'd be alive today. When one thinks of all of the true hardships humankind suffered through in order to form and maintain the civilization we take for granted...SOME of us take for granted... this young woman's problems were the essence of minutiae in comparison, and guess whose fault this is?

Hers of course, at 18 she was an adult, and yours of course for rearing so fragile a human being.

My heartfelt sympathies for your loss. What we do not need are more laws to take the place of parenting.

Thanks to The War on Guns for the link.

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