Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shelley And Skankles Kiss (Spit, Ptooey) And Make Up

"First Ladies and frenemies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton acted like best buddies Wednesday at a high-profile State Department ceremony.

"Let me thank Secretary Clinton - I love saying that," Obama gushed.

Of course she does. Her husband, Barack, crushed any hopes the current Secretary of State had for being hailed as President Clinton during their bruising Democratic primary last fall.

It wasn't that long ago that party insiders were telling the political world that Michelle Obama and Clinton simply couldn't abide one another.

Both sides openly accused the other of arrogantly parading about as the "inevitable" White House winner during the campaign.

But the recent unpleasantness dissolved in a hearty round of hugs and air kisses Wednesday, as Clinton praised Obama's "grace and her wisdom," and Obama called Clinton "such a committed person, friend, supporter to me."

Skankles wore her famous undertaker pants suit ensemble, and She-Hulk-Shelly dazzled the crowd with her Zorro The Gay Blade impersonation, so aren't you glad we have these pit-bull lefty wives to chortle over during such difficult times. Put either, let alone both, on, say, the Titanic, and the Atlantic would've spit back the boat.

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