Wednesday, March 18, 2009

John Lott On Violent Crime...

"The International Crime Victimization Survey (ICVS) indicates that for the violent crime categories of sexual assault, robbery and aggravated assault, the U.S. looks remarkably safe. This is even truer for the more serious categories of sexual assault and robbery. Prison is costly, but one could only imagine how much higher American crimes rates would be without it.

While murders make up only a fraction of violent crimes, they are by far the most costly type of crime. The ICVS doesn’t compare murder rates. The U.S. white murder rate is comparable to many countries in Europe, and is just a fraction of Russia’s, one country that Loury compares the US to.

The difference is driven blacks. Murders in the United States are overwhelmingly a minority problem. But the bottom line is that for murder deterrence matters. Even for the death penalty the vast majority of published refereed academic work finds that the death penalty deters crime (Lott, 2007, pp. 136-7)."

Summary: The United States is one helluva peaceful country. Blacks commit most of the violent crimes...against other blacks, mind you...and yet the cowardly liberals, such as Eric Holder, don't seem to mind at all that more blacks are in prison than school, and that their criminal activities hurt other blacks in staggering proportions.

No, they simply point to the AMOUNT of blacks incarcerated and this is supposed to mean that the legal system favors sending them up the river more so than non-blacks.

Doesn't matter that the black family is shattered beyond repair. Doesn't matter that the victims...this means harmed and dead people to those tuning in from Rio Linda...the innocent victims are ALSO black, and instead of facing these true tragedies head on and tackling the problem all they bitch about are statistics skewed to resemble racism.

The TRUE racism is in the hearts and minds and deeds of the Obama's of the country. They take the money and run, then blame whitey because he sends violent offenders to prison instead of leaving them alone to eat their own. Barack and Eric and their ilk long ago joined with the true racists, their fellow liberals, to sell out their own kind and boy oh boy what a sales job it has been.

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