Friday, March 06, 2009

Chicago police boss releases list of bad cops

CHICAGO - "Chicago's police superintendent turned over a list of officers Friday who have repeated complaints filed against them by the public -- an about-face that comes two days after a judge held him in contempt for refusing to do so.

Superintendent Jody Weis turned over the list to attorneys representing a woman who filed a lawsuit claiming an officer beat up her children while arresting them in a playground incident.

Weis said he had refused to turn over the list and risked the contempt order that U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman issued Wednesday because he wanted the judge to understand the seriousness of what he wanted Weis to do.

"I just wanted to ensure that the judge considered the fact that the impact that this could have on the men and women of the police department," Weis said at a news conference on Friday."

Like being a good step towards...GASP....holding them accountable?

Can you even begin to believe the balls on this parasitical mental midget? Like virtually EVERY force on the face of God's green earth, Chicago has so very many bad apples that SOMEONE has to keep track of them, because they continue to be employed even after receiving complaint after complaint and all that means is the fact that cops stick up for and protect other cops.

While we suffer the consequences of watching the help turn on us like mad dogs.

I am now of the belief that large police departments have ventured so far beyond the bounds of human decency as to be irretrievable, and soon, perhaps very soon, the time will come to treat them like the enemy militiamen they so fervently emulate by thought, word, and deed.

If you STILL wanna play dress-up, kids, understand that there's a reckoning coming for such detestable enemies of Freedom. Its in our face, every day of every week, and remember this simple fact:

Only cowards behave thusly, and when push comes to shove all you'll do is drop whatever dirty thing it is that you're doing and run away screaming like frightened little schoolgirls. Not too late to rethink the deal, ya know?

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