Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Why Gun Confiscation Will Be A Good Thing...

"Let’s take a look at the silver lining in the cloud that is gun confiscation. Try to remember: nothing is all bad.

Economics are a big consideration. Black market guns will likely be cheaper than they were at the gun shop or sporting goods store. And no more serial numbers on guns or any of that silly paperwork to fill out.

There will be a market driven “trickle down” effect on the end user’s price. To your benefit.

So don’t fear firearms confiscation. Embrace it. Let’s embrace “change” just like our illustrious Irish-American President asks us to. (Hey, does anyone know where I can get some .38 ammo? Fast Eddy is back ordered, and Micky The Fish is sold out and doesn’t know when the next freighter is coming in.)"

Uh-huh. Obo is, after all, half Irish from his mother's side, and never was nor ever could be properly referred to as "The FIRST Black President". The man is a mulatto, as white and Irish as he is negro, so it's about time the Yellowstream Media and all those lefty blogs began referring to the guy as an Irish-American at LEAST as often as they inaccurately paint him black.

But, I'm sure that most if not ALL of the various and sundry women's groups are on this like white on rice. Making sure that the mother of the President of the United States of America is given her just due.

Sure they are.

The full article from the JPFO is tongue-in-cheek funny, and I found it over at The War on Guns.

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