Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Great Divide

Homeowners Open Fire With AK-47 On Thieves

"A well-armed couple opened fire with an assault rifle and pistol early Friday morning on some car thieves in southwest Atlanta.

The couple at a home in the 1900 block of Childress Drive told police that after somebody tried to steal their car last week, they rigged up a homemade alarm in their carport using string and cans.

...About 2 a.m. Friday the cans started making noise, indicating intruders were in their carport. The couple swung into action.The husband picked up a pistol and ran outside to confront the thieves. The wife grabbed an AK-47 assault rife and joined her husband outside. They found several men driving off in their car.

They told police when the car thieves tried to shoot at them, they opened fire with his pistol and her AK-47."

Bravo to this brave couple. And now, the reason behind my headline, as taken from the comment section:

Joe Yankee
Only in the south. And maybe Texas.
Hey - how's that car working now? Does it still run after you shot it all up? Don't worry - I'm sure it's covered by your insurance. Not.

I own enough guns of every type to call myself an "enthusiast". Tounching off a 7.62x39 rifle in a residential area, to stop a car thief is just plain stupid. Yeah, I know we all would like to live in that Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis version of reality where we can kill all sorts of "bad guys". Sorry, but in defense of life is one thing, in defense of car is another. Remember the term, "responsible gun ownership" that we all espouse?

The first an obvious northerner who'd long since traded his testicles in for higher taxes and the illusion of police protection, and the second a Fudd who somehow didn't read the part about how the would-be car thieves initiated the shooting. Mr. Clueless will never regain his manhood, and it's sad that Mr. Enthusiast believes responsible gun ownership precludes FIGHTING BACK, because hey dammit, the gestapo might get mad enough and take away HIS duck gun if all of us started acting like we had such a right.

Strike 3 is the writer of this piece calling the semi-auto AK an assault rifle. Add 'em all together and is it any wonder the liberals become emboldened enough to start talking assault-weapons-ban all over again.

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