Saturday, March 28, 2009

Now Hold On Thar, Baba Boy...

Police officer charged with stalking

ELIOT, Maine — "A six-year veteran of the Eliot Police Department was arrested on a charge of domestic violence stalking Friday afternoon, 12 days after he was put on administrative leave in connection with the incident.

Matthew Raymond, 27, of Sanford, was arrested at his home by Maine State Police on the charge, a Class D misdemeanor, following an investigation into an incident on Saturday, March 14.

Eliot Police Chief Theodor Short said he was “made aware of this situation on Saturday night and after interviewing the victim, a woman that Raymond once dated, he was relieved from duty when he came to work Sunday evening (March 15).”

Short declined to give any further information about the incident."

Holy shit.

There ARE special rules for cops.

Their bosses all say the same thing. We can't comment, we can't give out the information, we can't offer a response at this point in time.

Betcha if it were you or I they'd be drooling over the chance to take the credit for relieving society of a bad person. We'd be just another notch on the pole to higher rank.

While their fellow parasites get protection worthy of the Pope.

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