Friday, March 13, 2009

Retail sales drop not as bad as "feared"

"Sales at the nation's retailers fell slightly less than expected in February, suggesting that the economic deceleration may at least be slowing, according to a government report on Thursday.

The Commerce Department said retail sales declined 0.1 percent from January, better than the 0.5 percent drop that economists had expected, but nonetheless returning to negative territory after a surprise 1.8 percent gain in January.

Not including automobiles, which dragged down the overall number, sales ticked up 0.7 percent after a 1.6 percent gain in January."

So how very many times must we announce that people are still buying at a respectable clip, and a great deal of the doom & gloom scenario's were not much more than a cheating, lying, neighborhood thuganizer preaching the sky is falling in order to tax then spend the country into liberal oblivion...

January was a surprise, February was a surprise, and March will also be a surprise, you can count on it.

Just imagine if there was someone sitting in the Oval Office who had a clue as to what he was doing. The country is healthy and strong enough to weather even the likes of "young" Hussein and his flabby pecs.

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