Saturday, March 28, 2009

Secretary of State husband disgraced the Presidency but I get to see the world on YOUR dime so who cares... calls for assault weapon ban

"Secretary of State Clinton (sic) called for a new assault weapon ban in the U.S. on Thursday in hopes of cutting off arms flowing to Mexican drug gangs - and was immediately blasted by the gun lobby."

Business as usual...

A democrat sees a problem, any old problem will do, and blames the United States.

But this isn't any old democrat. This here's the elderly queen bee of bullshit herself, the dishonorable Hillary Rodham (she never DID get around to legally changing her name to Clinton, you know).

And how's about that Yellowstream Media?

"Blasted by the gun lobby", is their way of saying "ridiculed by the vast majority of Americans without their heads up their ass, because to liberals, anyone believing in the Constitution is part of a special interest group that needs lotsa lobbyists.

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