Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Orlando Police Chieftess Has Gun Stolen From Personal Vehicle...

"Orlando's police chief said she's ready to be reprimanded after her department handgun, handcuffs and drivers license were all stolen.

The incident took place nearly one month ago.The gun was in her unmarked SUV, outside her million dollar home in a gated Dr Phillips community.

Chief Val Demings said she isn't sure how her gun was stolen. She left the gun in a duffle bag and made sure she locked the doors. But Demings said she realizes she made the wrong decision and she's the subject of an internal affairs investigation.

When Val Demings became the Orlando police chief in 2007, she vowed to take illegal guns off the street, but she has become a victim of a crime. Her 9mm gun was stolen out her Chevy Tahoe.

The SUV was parked in the driveway of her $1.3 million home. Neighbors said something needs to be done."I think she ought to talk to the sheriff about that," said Dale Hardin, neighbor.

Since January there have been 37 burglaries in the area. Even though there was no sign of forced entry, Demings insists she locker her car.

"I was expecting some guests who had small children so I made the decision to leave my weapon in a duffle bag in my vehicle," said Demings."

No, that isn't a typo. The Chiefette "decided" to leave her firearm where it could stolen because she feared that, what? The gun would sense the presence of children and go berserk? Was she in possession of an evil-twin gun that despised kids? The gun had a prior history of killing the innocent at the drop of a hat? Or maybe the gun spoke to her in her sleep and said that if it were to sense youngsters it couldn't be held responsible for its actions?

NOTHING excuses this unmitigated moron but what is patently reprehensible is her lame ass lying excuse.

She was too friggin lazy to bring the gun in the house and when pressed, blamed the gun.

Can't make this shit up.

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