Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Only A Matter Of Time

Now Obo has his massacre...

SAMSON, Ala. (AP) - "Authorities say at 10 people have been shot and killed in two south Alabama towns, including the gunman.

The Alabama Department of Safety says at least four shootings by a single gunman left at least nine people dead before he killed himself.

The department says in a statement that the shootings began late Tuesday afternoon in Samson. The shooter killed five people in one home and one each in two other homes."

And to paraphrase his own thugs..."never let a catastrophe go to waste".

Look for Attorney General Holder to call for the re institution of every sunsetted firearms act the country has ever had. No one ever said the country was free of nutcases. Its just a shame the victims were for whatever reason incapable of returning fire.

UPDATE. Wednesday, 3/11

Seems the murderer used a Bushmaster and an SKS, NOT what Charlie-Boy Gibson was reporting yesterday on ABC News, an AK-47.

Charlie Boy was also quoting the police chief as saying the murderer was "just spraying bullets everywhere". I guess that to a broken down old cop anything resembling rapid fire must seem like a machinegun from hell, and check this out too:

The chief first said that the only thing hitting HIM was broken glass from the squad car window, and that his vest deflected the shards. I heard it. On the radio. Now, multiple media sources are saying that his vest stopped a bullet. This is an important distinction because we all know how relatively flimsy law enforcement body armor is, and it'd be a good thing if the frickin' Yellowstream jizzbags could get something correct for a change.


"Geneva Police Chief Frank Lindsey was wounded by McLendon, who trapped him and his partner in their police car as he fired round after round from his automatic weapon.

Lindsey told FOX News that they encountered McLendon at a Wal-Mart in Geneva.

"He had a lot more fire power than we did," Lindsey said Wednesday. "All we had were our pistols. He fired 15, 16 rounds from an automatic weapon. ... We faced him head-on. He just looked at us right straight."

Lindsey said McLendon disabled their vehicle but then stopped shooting at them, walked away and turned the gun on himself."

See what I mean.

One guy with a semi-auto rifle holds policemen, in their car, at bay. And these are the same professionals who are believed (and treated as such) to be far more proficient with firearms than you or I.

Does it even seem that they got off any shots? Did they cower behind the wheel? Frozen at the mere sight of A MAN WITH A GUN...


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