Saturday, March 28, 2009

Legislator Gets Feelings Hurt...Film At Eleven...

"Being an elected official isn't all public policy, chicken dinners and retirement credits.

You frequently are required to mingle with the electorate, a dynamic much changed by the rise of the digital age, which makes it convenient to condemn tyranny while simultaneously surfing the Web.

Take, for instance, this reasoned argument — edited for a family newspaper but with typos intact — that beamed its way to Albany County lawmakers this week in response to Local Law A, a proposal requiring gun shops to register the ammunition they sell.


Subject: Thank you!!

Thank you so much for attacking the Second Amendment, our dignity and whats left of our liberties with Local Law "A." Please don't stop. America will one day become so nautious (sic) of your tyranny that She will finally vomit you out, you idiot fascists. Today's pig is tomorrows bacon and the people will eventually fry your nazi (expletive deleted). I'm spreadin' the word about people like you to the four corners of the wind. Go (expletive deleted) yourselves.

most disrespectfully,

An American who has sworn to protect and defend the United States Constitution.

According to Legislator Christopher Higgins, who represents the city and wasn't even a sponsor of the proposal, that's among the tamer of his recent correspondents, most of whom — perhaps one in 10 — don't even live in Albany County.

"I'm greatly disturbed by the vitriol and nastiness that opponents of this legislation feel the need to use," Higgins said, "rather than engaging in a civil, intellectual debate on the merits of the local law."

You'd rather we stormed the building and tossed you and the likes of you out the same way we did King George's guys?

Back when traitorous scum were still called traitorous scum to their faces then hung by the neck until dead, most folks knew damned well that trifling with God-given rights resulted in lotsa mayhem and then some, so consider yourself lucky, Mr. Legislator, that you live in a time and place where harsh language will do in most instances.

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