Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obo On Winning The War On Drugs...

"We're fighting with one hand tied behind our back because our effort to lower demand is grossly underfunded," Obama said. "The average person who's seeking serious substance abuse treatment in a big city like Dallas or Chicago typically has a three-, four- or six-month waiting list to get enrolled."

Seriously. He believes that the key to winning the war on drugs is in building and funding more abuse treatment centers throughout the country.

You know, the places they send "repentant" addicts instead of jail. The places that have like a 2% cure rate. Referring to drug abuse as a disease or sickness means you need lots and lots more hospitals and doctors and nurses and federal funding. Under the guise of "curing" the dopers a whole bunch of new taxes can be levied so as to create yet another huge slush fund from which to borrow in order to build cool new monuments to Ted Kennedy. And lets not forget old Nancy P who isn't getting any younger herself and will soon need her very own palace of memories.

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