Friday, March 20, 2009

George Will Can Be As Clueless As The Average Libtard, And That Pisses Me Off


"X-CALIBER, a gun store in a nondescript neighborhood in this city's northern section, has become embroiled in Mexico's turmoil.

The chaos there is the result of the Mexican government's decision to wage war against rampant drug cartels that are fighting mostly against each other but also against the portions of Mexican law enforcement they haven't corrupted. Operating in that nation's north, they are serving this nation's appetite for illegal narcotics and illegal immigrants.

The gun shop's proprietor is on trial here, accused of selling at least 650 weapons, including AK-47 rifles, in small lots to "straw buyers" persons who illegally pass the weapons on to the cartels, thereby fueling the violence that killed more than 6,000 Mexicans last year. That was more than 2,000 above the 2007 toll and fewer than will die if the rate of killing so far this year continues. Fortunately, most of the fatalities are members of the warring cartels.

...There are more than 6,600 licensed American gun dealers on the 2,000-mile border with Mexico. They should obey the law, even though most of the victims of the cartels' violence deserve to be."

Okay, time to stop the bullshit here and now.

The AK variants being purchased in the US are semi-auto and we all know how pricey they've become as of late.

So the big ass Mexican cartel fella's are going to spend $600-$700 on a neutered AK when they can get the real deal from ANY of the former Soviet bloc countries for about a hundred bucks DELIVERED, or a Chinaman knockoff for half that price and they'll throw in some free ammo to sweeten the pot. Same with machine guns and grenades and mortars and fer chrissake military-level satellite GPS time from the same Russkies and Chinks.

State of the art EVERYTHING, no holds barred, access to you-name-it, and they're sending folks to shop at X-Caliber?


From what I've been led to believe, Mexican civilians are clamoring for handguns and rifles in order to protect themselves from their corrupt police and military and drug dealers...pretty much the same bunch of guys, right...and those poor schlubs MUST buy the semi-auto versions of whatever because they simply do not have the same connections the druggies have.

Just today, the judge in the X-Caliber case dismissed the jury and told everyone to go on home because the prosecution didn't have a leg to stand on, so I'm awaiting Mr. Will's "sorry about that", which I'm certain will be forthcoming.


And another thing, George; the Mexican cartels don't have a $15 billion business, but since they've taken over virtually ALL aspects of the trade are raking in $150-$200 billion smackeroonies per year.

Nothing like not letting the facts get in the way of a good story, huh George?

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