Sunday, March 08, 2009

"Professor" Called The Police...

Last week the blog-buzz was about CCSU "professor" Paula Anderson having called the campus gestapo over a speech given by student John Wahlberg on a “relevant issue in the media”.

Mr. Wahlberg...gasp...spoke about concealed handgun carry on campus and how he was in favor of it. Which of course was a no-no, possibly (aside from, say, offering that Rush Limbaugh is a nice person) the WORST no-no possible considering that the institution in question is a liberal bastion of misery and Miz Anderson herself is an incompetent nazi witch.

Checking out the school's website led me to this picture of Frau Anderson, and it doesn't surprise me that there is no verifiable likeness of this gun-hating socialist scardycat. As a humorous aside, this is how one of the students rated Miz Anderson's class:

"Public Speaking was very fun! I am an athlete and none of my presentations were boaring. If you want an easy A... take this class!"

'Nuff said?

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