Tuesday, March 28, 2006

12 Million Undocumented Drivers...

...So what's a country to do?

You got it.

Give the fuck up.

"...I propose that Congress, sooner rather than later, gather to decriminalize undocumented possession of an automobile. Under my program, undocumented drivers will be allowed to drive unattended automobiles that nobody wants to drive at the moment anyway and, after a three year period of driving responsibly, will be given the title to the vehicle in question.

Next, we’ll deal with the 100,000 reported cases of forcible rape every year or, as we like to call it, “undocumented marital bliss.”
One of course could go on and on with this, and Misha shows just how ludicrous it is to give amnesty to criminals, ne'er do wells, and all of the sick, lame, and lazy creatures so beloved by liberals the world over.


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