Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hand Salute

There's a tempest in a teapot a'stirring, so of course I'll pass it along.

Army Veterans want to change the manner by which Veterans show respect. Traditionally, Vets will place a hand over the heart when pledging allegance or during the National Anthem, etc, but a movement is growing to change that to a full salute.

Marines do NOT salute ANYTHING unless they are under cover...wearing a the Marines are aghast at this. The Navy feels pretty much the same way but both of these Services are of course outnumbered by the doggies, strike that, ARMY personnel.

Personally, I wouldn't mind snapping off a crisp salute now and again, and I did just that a few years back when attending a Veterans Day Parade in Australia. To my astonishment, a North Vietnamese Army group had assembled just behind our ranks, and I moved to the rear to provide security in case some of our lads were feeling a tad frisky over this. Those poor little fellows saw me stomping in their direction, so I stopped, fired off a magnificent salute in their direction, they returned it, and all went well.

Hey, I can't be held responsible for not capping them ALL, so bygones as bygones, yadda yadda.

Never DID see an Army dude toss a decent salute, but what the hell. If it lights the old candle and is done with respect, then go for it.

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